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In China, Starbucks maintains the unique character of serving the finest coffee in the world and high quality globally appreciated food. While continuing to offer the best coffee, it is also leading in China in spreading coffee knowledge and expertise, and creating a coffee culture in a traditional tea-drinking society. The Starbucks store atmosphere is one which is similar to the old teahouse of China—a gathering place and a community living room. Starbucks partners in China are as welcoming, genuine, considerate, knowledgeable, compassionate and involved as partners from around the world. They embrace the Starbucks culture and training, and truly deliver the legendary Starbucks service in China. They are real Starbucks ambassadors to bridge with customers and promote the coffee expertise and culture. The “third place” concept, with the legendary Starbucks service, has resonated in China. As the Chinese people’s living standard rises and as they seek new leisure places and habits, Starbucks is a destination for human connection, meetings, dating, gathering with friends or be oneself. It fits nicely with Chinese society’s increasing yearning for a place that ‘makes them feel good’ in a hectic world. Moreover, Starbucks is fully respectful of the long history of Chinese tradition and culture and integrate the Starbucks experience with local customs, in store design, local food and drink offering etc., to uplift the unique Starbucks Experience which it is committed to offer. 星巴克咖啡公司成立于1971年,是世界领先的咖啡零售商。1992年星巴克作为第一家专业咖啡公司成功上市,目前已在北美、拉丁美洲、欧洲、亚洲和太平洋地区等39个国家拥有超过16000家咖啡店。长期以来,公司一直致力于向顾客提供最优质的咖啡和服务,营造独特的“星巴克体验”,让门店成为顾客温馨舒适的“第三生活空间”。与此同时,公司通过各种体现企业社会责任的活动回馈社会,改善环境,回报合作伙伴和咖啡产区农民。鉴于星巴克独特的企业文化和理念,公司连续多年被美国《财富》杂志评为“最受尊敬的企业”。 如果你想了解更多星巴克中国的信息,请登陆星巴克公司主页:

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