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Company Introduction

In China, Starbucks maintains the unique character of serving the finest coffee in the world and high quality globally appreciated food. While continuing to offer the best coffee, it is also leading in China in spreading coffee knowledge and expertise, and creating a coffee culture in a traditional tea-drinking society. The Starbucks store atmosphere is one which is similar to the old teahouse of Chinaa gathering place and a community living room. Starbucks partners in China are as welcoming, genuine, considerate, knowledgeable, compassionate and involved as partners from around the world. They embrace the Starbucks culture and training, and truly deliver the legendary Starbucks service in China. They are real Starbucks ambassadors to bridge with customers and promote the coffee expertise and culture.

The third place concept, with the legendary Starbucks service, has resonated in China.

As the Chinese peoples living standard rises and as they seek new leisure places and habits, Starbucks is a destination for human connection, meetings, dating, gathering with friends or be oneself. It fits nicely with Chinese societys increasing yearning for a place that makes them feel good in a hectic world. Moreover, Starbucks is fully respectful of the long history of Chinese tradition and culture and integrate the Starbucks experience with local customs, in store design, local food and drink offering etc., to uplift the unique Starbucks Experience which it is committed to offer.



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