“Building China’s Future by Matching Talent with Opportunity”

Our Vision

Is to be the platform of choice for companies and young people seeking to match talent with opportunity. We achieve our goals through a unparalleled focus on innovation and customer service. When companies use Ajinga they will be able to efficiently and reliably hire the right talent. When young people use Ajinga, they will understand their unique attributes, be able to stand out from the crowd and get a fair chance to access the right career opportunities.

  • Beliefs

    We passionately believe that every opportunity seeker has a unique set of talents and capabilities which allow them to make a positive contribution in the workplace. We are equally passionate in the belief that hiring people with the right skills, motivation, and cultural fit is the key to improved retention, job performance, and business sustainability.

  • Challenges

    Unfortunately the recruiting approaches of today are not up to the task. Companies continue to cite attraction and retention of talent as their number one business challenge and young opportunity seekers continue to feel disempowered and unappreciated.

  • Beginnings

    In 2010 a group of industry professionals with a diverse range of skills and backgrounds banded together to tackle this challenge in a new, innovative way. From the result of their efforts and passion to make a positive impact, Ajinga was born!

Our Unique Culture

At the root of our company are our core values from which we develop our culture, our brand, and our business strategies. We believe we can only be successful when we consistently live these core values with our customers, partners, and team members.

  • Customer driven

    Our customers are both employers and opportunity seekers. Customer driven means we are results focused, proactive, agile, determined, accountable and caring. We measure our success in terms of our customers' success. We constantly strive to delight our customers.

  • Collaboration

    Collaboration is at the heart of what we do. We believe the whole is always greater than the sum of its parts. We collaborate externally with employers and opportunity seekers, with our partners and within our teams. We are caring of one another, sincere, and act with integrity.

  • Innovation

    Innovation is in our DNA. We are constantly dreaming up new ways to better connect employers and opportunity seekers in China. We are creative, open minded, multi-disciplinary, design focused and not content with the status quo.

  • Fun

    We are consummate professionals and work hard; very hard in fact. But one of the things that makes Ajinga different from many other companies is that we really value having a good time. We try not to take ourselves too seriously and always create fun and humor in our daily work.

About us

AJINGA.COM is a cloud based recruiting technology service company with proven solutions that increase job applications, improve efficiency and facilitate better hiring decisions in the era of mobile-social recruiting.